It's the 132nd anniversary of Groundhog Day. It started in Punxsutawney, Pa on February 2nd, 1887. did a Groundhog Day Survey and this is what they found out.

Half of Americans don't actually know when Groundhog Day is: When asked what date Groundhog Day falls on, only 49% knew that it was February 2nd. That disappoints Punxsutawney Phil.....and me.

American are a little confused about Groundhog Day: 89% understand what Groundhog Day is. You know, he looks at his shadow and predicts the weather. 11% don't get it.

Here's one thing that I learned, if Phil sees his shadow, why does it mean six more weeks of winter?  I would think that if he saw his shadow, that means it's sunny out and Spring is on it's way.

According to the legend, if he sees his shadow, it means six more weeks of winter. Why? If he sees his shadow, he gets scared and runs and hides in his hole. So now you can put me in the not confused category.

Finally: 3% of Americans have used Groundhog Day as an excuse not to work. I'm going to celebrate today by watching the Directory's Commentary edition of Groundhog Day on DVD... Yes, I'll be celebrating alone.

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