Some researchers were concerned about a large asteroid traveling towards earth this past weekend but the average person wasn't because who really has the time these days?

There was a time when the media would have had a frenzy over a private business launching people into space or an asteroid the size of one of New York's most famous landmarks was hurling towards Earth. There's no time for that in 2020 and it's understandable. Who has time to worry about outer space when there's enough happening right here in our own atmosphere.

According to USA TODAY, an asteroid named 2002 NN4 that was believed to stretch more than 1,000 feet long and was estimated to be traveling nearly 20,000 mph could have had Earth in its path this past weekend. Physicists predicted that the damage could have been catastrophic. Spoiler alert, it missed us. However, did anyone even know this was potentially an issue?

Isn't this what Space Force is for?

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