When it comes to snow this past season we’re number one! Binghamton has won this year’s Snowball award between competing NYS Cities. Find out more here.

Five cities in New York State, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo and Binghamton have an annual competition to see which city has the most snowfall in the season.

According to the Golden Snowball Website, Binghamton was number one this season with a record 135.2 inches of snow, followed by Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Albany.

The last storm in March pushed us to the top spot for snowfall in New York this past season, and less than two weeks after that last storm there was no proof in site.

I’m sure you’re not running through the streets yelling we’re number one, but it does prove we have some nasty snow storms in our area.

By the way the record between the cities for the Golden Snowball Award goes to Buffalo for their 1976-1977 season with a total of 199.4 inches of snow.

And so I’ll raise my glass of lemonade and simple say ‘Here’s to Summer’

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