MSTY is the hottest and first ever music messenger mobile app that allows you to combine music with photos and your own words. We want you to experience the awesomeness for yourself this Halloween and you could win a trick-or-treating grab bag filled with station swag! 

Think of MSTY as a new way to share the ups and downs of daily life with friends and family, through music.  It’s really for everyone who has something to say, all you do is choose a song, pick a photo, add your text message, and MSTY will do the rest.  It’s sure to make your friends laugh, cry, and reminsce as it brings your messages to life.

To enter our Halloween MSTY Contest:

1) Download the MSTY app for free to your iPhone or Android. iPhone users can download the free MSTY app from the iTunes Store.  Android users can get it in the Google Play Store.

2) Add 98.1 The Hawk's MSTY phone number to your contacts - 607-301-3981.

3) Open MSTY and click on the yellow circle with a white circle inside of it. Pick any song from the MSTY library. This is a Halloween contest, but feel free to get creative with your song.

4) Customize your background by selecting an image of yourself dressed up for Halloween, from your gallery, or by snapping a photo of yourself or your kids in Halloween garb.

5) Find 98.1 The Hawk in your MSTY contacts and send it to us!

Don’t forget you can get the latest information on the MSTY App Facebook or @MSTYapp on Twitter.

Contest Rules

Contest ends at 11am on Friday, October 30th. If you're randomly selected as our winner, you will receive a reply MSTY message from us asking you for your contact information. You will have until Wednesday, November 4th at 5PM to reply to our message or forfeit the prize.

*You must be at least 21-years-old to win this prize. By sending 98.1 The Hawk MSTY messages, you give us permission to share those images on our web and social media sites.