Vanity license plates aren't anything new, but one neighboring state could move to including emojis. Is this what we all need? Well, it just might happen whether we like it or not.

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WNYT is reporting that Vermont State Representative Rebecca White introduced the bill Wednesday, which would allow drivers to add emojis to their license plate when registering their vehicles. The drivers would be allowed to choose from six available emojis. The faces would be added to the plates on the side, though they wouldn't replace numbers or letters.

The is no word which emojis drivers could choose from, so if you're thinking of picking the poop emoji you might have to wait a little longer.

If passed, the bill would make Vermont the first state in the country to allow emojis on their license plates. There is no price estimate yet, so we still don't know how much extra this would cost.

Something like this is unlikely to happen any time soon in New York, though New Yorkers are going to have their own new plates coming in 2020.