Today we bid farewell to the May and with only a hand full of sunny days we have spent most of the month under grey skies.

According to weather USA Binghamton, we have had about 10 days where the sun was full exposed for most of the day, so three weeks we have had rain and clouds.

This morning while driving in on Twist Run Road, I saw it, plain as day, a big bright yellow ball popped out behind a cloud, it was the sun.

I instantly got a rush of euphoria thinking about all the things I loved to do outside in the summer time.

I read an article on the web site psychcentral that mentioned something called Seasonal Effective Disorder or SAD.

Studies have found that the weather does have an effect on our mood, and with all the rain we have had this month I am sure many Binghamtonians have experienced states of depression.

The website suggests a few ways to combat SAD, like changing your plans to engage in activities that are not contingent on the weather.

When I think about all the rain we have had over the past few months, it could be worse, what about the people who live on the upper west coast, like Seattle, how do they keep their spirits up.

Those of us who live here in upstate New York know that the sun and heat will be here soon, and then we’ll look back at the rains of May with fonder memories.

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