I love french fries. Sometimes I'll just go to a drive-through of a fast food restaurant just to get an order of fries as a snack. And when I order a burger, I definitely have to get a side of fries.

If you love french fries as much as I do, you may want to stock up now. Experts are warning we may be in for a french fry shortage after a poor potato harvest.

Yahoo Finance is reporting that cold, wet weather damaged potato crops  in both United States and Canada. And cooler temperatures in October, caused frost which also damaged a lot of potatoes. The report also said that of the salvageable potatoes, a large number were smaller than usual where as most french fry producing companies like the bigger potatoes.

In Idaho alone there will be 5.5% fewer potatoes than last year. The shortage of potatoes is likely to drive the prices up. Experts are predicting that this will be the smallest harvest since 2010.

So next time you go through a drive-through instead of hearing. “Would you like fries with that”? You might hear, “Our prices have gone up, are you sure you want fries with that”?

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