This is something to keep in mind now that the snow has fallen and the weather is colder. Don't get blindsided by carbon monoxide poisoning in your house. Keep your furnace vents, intake valves, and chimneys free of snow.

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It'll affect the way your furnace works and cost you more money but it could have even deadly consequences. It could fill your home with carbon monoxide (CO). It is an odorless, colorless gas that can kill you.

I have several carbon monoxide detectors throughout my house and it gives me some comfort that I'm protecting the kids in the house. If you have a carbon monoxide detector, make sure the batteries are working.

I change the batteries (along with the smoke detector batteries) when I change the clocks for Daylight Savings. That way, I know that I'm changing them twice a year.

Many of my friends have been buying generators for when the power goes out. I want to keep them around for a while so here are some suggestions for them and you. Don't use a generator inside your home, garage, or basement, and keep it more than 20 feet away from a window, door, or vent.

There are many people who love you and want you and your family around for a long time. Go here to find other ways to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you think that you have a carbon monoxide issue, open your doors and windows immediately and leave your home. CO leaks can come from heating systems and ventilation problems.

To find out more about the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, go here.

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