Hail to the Redskins! Hail Victory! Those are sweet words to any Washington Redskin fan. It's even sweeter when a Eagle fan has to sing them.

Traci and I had friendly wager on the Philadelphia/Washington game on Sunday. The loser has to sing the fight song for the winning team while wearing the winning teams sweatshirt.

Washington continued to be a compassionate team by allowing Philadelphia to stay in the game. Washington was up 14-0. They let Philadelphia run back the kick-off for a touchdown.

The compassion continued when Kirk Cousins throws a pick-six to tie the game. What is it about the Washington area and compassion?

Washington hangs on for 27-20 win and now Traci must sing. It's not the quality of song that counts. Karen Van Vorce of Apalachin told Traci, "If looks could kill, Glenn would be hurting right now."

But to quote John Mellencamp, "Hurts So Good." This is a bet where the real loser is the listener when Traci sings.

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