It’s been almost four years since actress Brittany Murphy passed away at the age of 32 and at the time, it was ruled that she’d passed from natural causes, but now that’s being questioned.

Brittany’s breakout role came in the 1995 comedy ‘Clueless.’ From there she went on to roles in "Riding In Cars With Boys", "8 Mile", "Sin City", "Uptown Girl", "Little Black Book' and others.

Brittany was an actress that I felt I could relate to. She was close in age to me and seemed genuine and kind so when the news came that she’d died, I was definitely sad. I found myself taking a closer look at my own mortality because she was close in age to me and I didn’t understand how someone in their early 30’s could simply die of pneumonia after only having it for a few days. Pneumonia is a sickness that usually strikes the very young or the very old. So why did someone as young as Brittany die from it?

Well, a new toxicology report suggests that Brittany didn’t die of natural causes, but rather was murdered.

After all of these years, Brittany’s father Angelo Bertolotti has remained suspicious about the cause of her death so, recently ordered a new toxicology test.

The new test reportedly detected the presence of 10 separate heavy metals in Brittany’s system, substances commonly associated with rat poison and insecticides. The lab report states, "The only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent."

Adding to the crazy is that Brittany’s husband Simon Monjack, was found dead just five months later with similar symptoms. Rumors started to fly that toxic mold in Simon and Brittany’s house was to blame for them both dying of severe anemia and fatal pneumonia. However, Los Angeles County assistant chief coroner Ed Winter said at the time that mold was not a factor in their death.

As of right now there aren’t any suspects or criminal investigations under way, but if Brittany’s dad has had a nagging feeling in the back of his mind all of these years, I think it’s probably safe to say he’ll continue to dig until he gets to the bottom of this.