I have something to admit and I'm sort of ashamed about it, especially since we're in the throes of the whole MeToo Movement where women are putting their foot down and saying not only will we not tolerate sexual violence and harassment, but that we also want equality in the workplace, including fair pay.

My dirty little secret is that I've never asked for a raise. Ever. And I probably won't any time soon either because I've always been and still am too scared that if I were to ask for a raise, I'd just be let go and replaced by someone who'd be happy to have my job and at a fraction of what I'm paid.

I know, it's an awful thing for me to think, but the radio industry is a funny one and while I know that I deserve to earn as much as my male counterparts, silly fear holds me back from asking. I have a family to support and can't afford to be without a job. And so, I sit here in silence wishing I earned more, but too fearful to do something about it.

However, if you’re braver than I am and are considering asking for a raise or are trying to get a leg up with your boss, you know what they say- the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and apparently, that's also true in the workplace. 


According to the Daily Mail, 25 percent of people say they’ve baked treats for the office in an attempt to boost their career. If you think it's only women who are baking to try to advance their careers, think again. The survey found that 25 percent of men have baked treats to try to climb the ladder at work versus only 15 percent of women. 

So, if you're thinking of asking for a raise, maybe bake some treats first?

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