There are many things to do at the New York State Fair in Syracuse but did you ever think that you could name a snowplow? Me neither but it's true. The NYS Department of Transportation is holding a contest and you can actually help name their snowplow and here were my suggestions.

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It turns out that when you go to the Center of Progress building at the fair to participate, you'll notice that they have a QR code on the upper right side. When you open it up, it gives you the names that you get to choose from.

NYS Dept. of Transportation
NYS Dept. of Transportation

I was a little surprised when I saw that one of the choices was "Plowy McPlowface." Then I saw the name "Howe's Plow" and it made me pause and realize that this is THE choice for the snowplow.

Howe's Plow

"Howe's Plow" is in honor of Matt Howe, who was a DOT worker that was killed in March 2019. On March 13th, Howe was parked on the highway shoulder in Nichols as an advance warning vehicle.

The lights on the truck were flashing to let other drivers know that a road repair crew was working ahead in that area. Lawrence Faucett was driving a truck that slammed into Howe's vehicle.

Howe was seriously injured and would die five days later in the hospital. Faucett would later be charged with criminally negligent homicide.

I know that we were having some fun with the "name the snowplow" contest but this is the real deal and a great way to honor a man that was taken too soon. So if you go to the New York State Fair between now and Labor Day and take some time to go to the Center of Progress Building.

As with all elections, I'm not going to tell you which one to vote for but his family, me along with many others would appreciate it if you would vote for "Howe's Plow."

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