Madison VanDenburg may be the favorite in our hearts to win American Idol Sunday night, but the latest 'betting odds' out of Vegas tell a different tale. Just last week, she was the betting favorite to win the show but Vegas oddsmakers have changed their prognostication.

According to the sports betting site, Alejandro is the favorite to win the show basically at 'even money'.  Laine Hardy is next at +150, and Madison according to the latest odds is projected to finish 3rd with odds at +350.  In the sports betting world, this means that for everyone dollar you were to wager on Madison, a win by her would net you $3.50.

But don't lose hope; upsets happen all the time in world of sports, life, and even in the surreal world of reality TV.  Heck, VanDenberg has already defied the odds  What are the chances of making it to the final 3 of American Idol?   A million-to-1? 3-million-1? Who really knows.  At this point, the 17-year-old from Cohoes has already defied the odds and won't be defined as a performer based upon votes.  Her character, talent and humility can't be measure by a "worldwide American vote".

While these odds may not be that encouraging, t's worth noting that while winning American Idol may set you up for some music success, plenty of winners of the show have had less than stellar careers.  Heck, some performers like Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, and  Adam Lambert didn't win American Idol, but used the show in accordance with their talent to go on to have remarkable careers.

Win, lose or draw Madison will be fine.  She's already defied the odds and the oddsmakers and in the end, talent always wins.


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