He's your most loyal companion. Your best friend. The one who never gives up on you. The best snuggler, and an incredible listener. He never judges you. He's always happy to see you. And, chances are good you're going to show him some love this Valentine's Day.

Pets are a huge part of our lives and deserve affection for all they put up with from us. That's probably why the average pet owner will spend about $6.00 to show their four-legged friend a little love this Valentine's day.

$6  doesn't seem like a whole lot of money, but the National Retail Federation says that more than $700 million dollars will be spent worldwide on animals this Valentine's Day.

So besides the obvious gifts, which include dog food, cat food and treats, what are some of the most over the top gifts pet owners will be getting for their animals? Knitted sweaters,  heart-shaped dog cakes, diamonds (yes, real!) and fake bacon, which I think is kind of cruel!

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