Listen, people can decorate their houses however they'd like but it was a little strange to see a replica of the President's office inside of a house for sale in Upstate New York.

A home in Wappingers Falls, Dutchess County went on the market on Thursday and is already gaining interest because of the things inside. The home sits on 10.65 acres and is going for $2.79 million, but the realtor's voicemail "maxed out as the listing ricocheted around the internet," according to the Times Union/

The house has a lot of great features.The couple who are selling it, bought the house in 2009 and took 18 months to redesign it. It has an indoor saltwater pool that's heated year-round to 84 degrees, a pipe organ, a recording studio, and the strangest of what it offers is a two-thirds-sized replica of the Oval Office.

The couple started off wanting the house to have an "aloha vibe," but downstairs was going to be the "man cave," of sorts. The architect joked that it should look big and important, like the Oval Office, and they didn't have to say another word after that. The interior decorator did research on the decor, a lot from The West Wing.

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