Want to enjoy an adult beverage while watching a new release? Thanks to a new state law, you can. Bow Tie Cinema's Movieland location in Schenectady is the first New York to be granted a permit by the State Liquor Authority with the go-ahead to serve beer, wine, and cider.

Back in January, the SLA unanimously approved the request movie theater owners had been making for years. Prior to the updated law, theaters would have to have a cafe setting with tables or restrict serving any alcoholic beverages to the lobby of the theater.

Joe Masher is the chief operating officer of Bow Tie cinemas:

This has been years in the making and we couldn’t be more proud that Movieland is the first theater in New York State to be covered by this new guidance by the SLA.

This is also expected to spike business for the New York State craft beer industry, as many cinemas will especially be looking to spotlight local beers and microbrews. Bow Tie Cinemas operate in several other states where alcohol is already permitted, Masher says they're ready to go in Schenectady:

Bow Tie Cinemas has an excellent track record of responsible serving of alcoholic beverages, in addition to working with local craft beverage producers such as Druthers Brewing and Nine Pin Cider.

All Movie theaters across New York More are not permitted to apply for the new permits and more licenses are expected to be approved as the months roll on.

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