Having a snowmobile is not all that different than having a car. You have to have it registered and you need to obey the rules of the road, or the trail. Not everyone does the right thing and this is how 3 snowmobilers recently got caught.

This story involves investigation, 2 accidents and fleeing from officers.

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According to New York Department of Environmental Conservation, On the morning of Saturday February 12th officers were on patrol in the Moose River Plains Complex. During routine canvassing of the area they discovered a snowmobile accident two miles from the Inlet entrance. The snowmobile was damaged, but there was no snowmobiler.


Forest Rangers started their investigation and determined the accident had occurred the night before. Rangers radioed Ray Brook Dispatch and found the owner of this damaged machine to be from New Jersey and the search began.

A few hours later Rangers returned to the scene to find a local towing and recovery company attempting to remove the snowmobile from the accident site. After a brief conversation, the identity and location of the snowmobiler was obtained.

Rangers drove to the subject and issued one ticket for leaving the scene of an accident and another for having an unregistered snowmobile. As that guys story ends another one begins.


Apparently, while officers were helping to recover the banged up snowmobile, they noticed two other snowmobilers trying to turn around before reaching their location. Curious, one Ranger drove to the two subjects.

By the time he caught up with them one of the individuals was off the trail and stuck and neither snowmobile was registered. Both operators were issued tickets. For more on having a registered snowmobile in New York State click HERE.

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