This question could have a very shocking answer: Did a UK pub called The Star Inn really install an electric fence to ensure social distancing?

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Quick Answer- Yes, The Star Inn reports to the NY Post that its staff got tired of patrons ignoring social distancing guidelines,  so the bar installed the wired electrified fence to shock locals into behaving.

Better Explanation- Star Inn landlord Johnny McFadden-

“Before the fence, people were not following social-distancing and were doing as they pleased, but now people take heed to the guidance around social distancing.”

The fence is normally shut off, however, it can be turned on pretty quickly. The Daily Mail reports that the pub/bar does warn people about the fence:

The staff put up a polite warning notice on the bar and a fully wired and charged electric fence."

The Star Inn is a St Austell Brewery-owned venue described as "true gem, full of tradition, character and immense charm".

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Should New York Bars Consider This Plan?

Let's be real for a moment, should this idea travel across the ocean to the United States? Can you begin to imagine your favorite watering hole having this wrapped around the bar? It would for sure make things extra safe, but imagine if someone gets a little too much liquid courage in them, they would get shocked pretty quickly. Also, the United States is probably a more sue-happy nation than parts of the UK. It's probably better these aren't here in New York yet.

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