Uber the new share riding service has landed in Binghamton and offers a new way to get taxied around town.

I just downloaded the New Uber App and I am set up to use the service if I choose.

I actually have a family member who is an Uber driver, he has been active since last Thursday when the service officially hit the Southern Tier.

I know people have mixed feelings about the service, and its probably not for everyone, but I took a cab from the airport to my daughter’s house in Syracuse and got charged with $55 for a 25-minute ride across town.

Uber service gives people an alternative and many people can’t afford the high price of other transportation vessels.

Uber gets your location from the GPS on your smart phone and will connect you with the nearest available driver.

What’s cool about Uber is that once you enter your location and destination, you get a price quote from the driver so you already know how much it is going to cost you, and all monetary transactions are done through credit card or PayPal.

There is also a ratings system that keeps a record of your experience as a rider and the drivers rating towards you as a customer.

This is a much safer way to travel since all drivers are registered with Uber and no money is ever exchanged.

So now you have another choice in Greater Binghamton, Uber is here.

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