I've never used Uber, but apparently it's awesome. Uber hasn't just revolutionized the taxi industry, but it's also put a bunch of people to work and helped thousands of others get home safely.

Piggy backing on the concept of Uber, a company has created an Uber type service for people who are dripping with money.

JetSmarter is an app for those lucky enough to belong to the 1% club and allows people who own private jets provide rides to people who need rides.

If money weren't an issue, I'd probably use the service every day to jet around to wherever. There's a place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that makes the most delicious pot roast I've ever had in my life. Craving it? No problem, I'd just pull up my JetSmarter app and grab some to bring home for dinner. Feel like spending the afternoon with my sister, letting our kids play together? No more bumpy, excruciatingly long two hour ride down 88. Nope, I'd order up a jet and be there in 30 minutes.

Can you imagine? Being rich definitely sounds fun. Where would you jet off to on a minute notice if you could?

[via BGR]

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