April 1 was Census Day but state and local officials say that wasn't a deadline and residents can still complete the count from home.  This is the first year the once-every-ten-year tally has been available to be done online at www.2020census.gov.

Broome County census logo
Broome County census logo

While the census tallies where people are normally living on April 1.  In Broome County, a little over a third of residents had responded to the “invitation to participate” before Census Day.

The plans for this year’s survey have changed slightly due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Enumerators were prepared to go to homes to canvass prior to the outbreak. Those plans have been changed, the goal for the completion of the count is being modified and, where students would normally be counted in the community where they physically were located on April 1, the Census is asking students who have been forced to distance-learn from another community to provide their information as they would from where they attend class. 

Census information is used to calculate funding for education, infrastructure and non-profit support.  The numbers are also used when drawing up Congressional districts.


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