With all the craziness going on with COVID-19, high unemployment, riots, and now a sky-scraper sized asteroid is heading toward earth. So we all can use a pleasant distraction, so here comes an animal to the rescue. Today, June 4th is "National Hug Your Cat Day."

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Let's not question the validity, let's just enjoy our furry friend with these fun activities.  I have two cats at my house, Shane and Capricorn and they are meow-nificent.. They have brought a lot of joy to everyone especially Tara. She is the only one in the house that can hug them and get away unscathed.

So you could give your cat a hug today but I think I have a better way for you to show love to your favorite feline. That's by adopting a duck from the Broome County Humane Society. Who saw that coming?

Both of our cats were adopted from the  Broome Humane Society and they are having their 10th annual Duck Derby on July 26th. It's at a new location, Highland Park in Endwell.

The adoptions are going slower than normal because of the coronavirus pandemic and your help is needed now more than ever. You can adopt one duck for $5 but why do that when you can get more at a better value.

A six quack of ducks is only $25 (you get one for free) or a Quacker's Dozen, adopt 12, and get 3 free for $60. Your best deal is the Mega Quack Pack, adopt 50 ducks and get 20 free for only $250.00.

What do you get? The satisfaction of helping an independent non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to the prevention of animal cruelty and finding permanent, loving homes for these animals.

Oh yeah, you could also win $5,000 if your duck comes in first place. Go here to get the adoption package that works best for you. Adopt early and often and be a part of the quacktivities on July 26th at Highland Park with music, animals, and more.

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