Its that time of year. Cold and Flu medicine is flying off the shelves and there aren’t enough tissues to go around. It’s the time of the year where little colds become a part of your daily routine. Tea and cough drops become our crutch.

The last place you think you could get sick at is the gym. Well the Today show has given us a little bit of shocking news.

The germiest equipment at your gym is the treadmill. It’s not the handles or even the part you run on, it’s the buttons!

The flu and small colds are easily passed around through human contact and our hands. The Today show found out the most likely gym equipment to get you sick is (in order): the treadmill, the elliptical, the mats, and the free weights!

There is a simple solution to these problems however. Always wipe down your equipment with those squirt bottles and wipes. Not only will you be protecting yourself but you will be protecting other. Bring your own mats and towels and always wash your hands.

It’s a new year, lets keep our good health going!


[via Today]

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