How did this happen? How are we already here, poking at the end of November? I feel like the year 2016 has whizzed by faster than any other year in my life. As we prepare to say farewell to 2016 and hello to 2017, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the top five most viewed Hawk YouTube videos of the year.

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    Brush Fire on Bunn Hill Road

    The massive bush fire on Bunn Hill Road behind Binghamton University may have happened in the late spring of 2015, but this video was watched more times in 2016 than 2015. Maybe people went back to watch the video on the one year anniversary? We can't be sure, but with 3,467 views, this is our 5th most popular video.

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    9 Upstate New York Towns Only True New Yorkers Can Pronounce

    Okay, this was seriously one of the most fun videos I've ever done. I sat down with my friend Ashley, a Philadelphia native, to see if she could pronounce some of our crazy upstate New York town names. Another video that we actually shared in 2015 (August, to be exact), but the views skyrocketed in 2016. We're guessing it's because watching someone try to pronounce "Coxsackie" is funny. With 4,337 views, this is our 4th most watched video.

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    Abandoned Charlotte Kenyon Elementary School

    From 1929 to 2002, students in the Chenango Forks Central School District attended Charlotte Kenyon Elementary School, so it’s no surprise that so many people wanted to re-live their youth, and perhaps see what their former elementary school which has sat abandoned for 14 years looks like now. With 5,099 views, this is our 3rd most watched video of 2016.

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    Domestic Dispute on Vestal Parkway

    If there's one thing Hawk listeners aren't cool with, it's domestic violence. This video was filmed in June of 2015 and people just keep coming back to it, over and over. With 21,101 views, this is out 2nd most watched video of 2016.

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    Vending Machine Life Hack

    We'll be the first to admit that this video is sheer ridiculousness. I mean, who doesn't know that you can make change from bills in a vending machine? My friend, Ashley, apparently.  Uploaded to YouTube in 2014, this is our most viewed video of all time. With a staggering 284,874 views, this is our number one most viewed video of 2016.