As far as I'm concerned, Trading Spaces is the show that paved the way for all other home improvement shows. Trading Spaces lived on the TLC cable channel for eight years from 2000 to 2008 and was wildly popular, so it came as a complete shock to fans when Paige Davis let it slip in the winter of 2009 that the show hadn't been picked up for another season.

Trading Spaces is the first show that watched religiously on cable TV.  I used to sit on the hard park bench that I saved from the trash (and put in my living room because I was too poor to buy a real couch) with a  slice of cold pizza (my next door neighbor worked for a pizza shop and would bring me leftovers) and would dream about being on the show and of all the amazing things that could and would be done to my space.

My two favorite designers were Vern Yip, who always seemed to leave the space he was working on looking classic and clean and Laurie Smith, who had an amazing eye for intertwining colors and patterns.

Designer Hildi straight up scared the bejesus out of me. I never could figure out if she actually took her designs seriously, or if she was just being as outlandish as possible in an attempt to make us gasp. If she was going for the latter, it worked. Remember when Hildi glued pieces of hay to the walls of a room? How about the time she stapled nearly 10,000 silk flowers to the walls of a bathroom? And there was the episode where she "transformed" a room into a beach retreat complete with a sand floor. I would have bawled if that were my home and I walked in to that sight.

I don't know if we can look forward to the return of carpenters Ty Pennington and Amy Wynn, or host Paige Davis, but I do know that after ten insanely long years, we can look forward to a reboot of Trading Spaces on TLC.

Unfortunately for us, network executives are keeping their lips closed tight about the reboot, but according to AOL Entertainment, TLC big wigs made an announcement to their advertisers on Tuesday that they'll definitely be bringing back Trading Spaces sometime in 2018.

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