Last week, McDonald's announced that they were going to start giving away free “Thank You Meals” for first responders and healthcare workers during the Coronavirus pandemic. It started last Wednesday and will end on Tuesday May 5th.

If you are a doctor, nurse, police officer, paramedic, or a firefighter, you can stop by a participating McDonald's and get a free “Thank You Meal”. It doesn't matter whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you will get a meal of your choice served in a Happy Meal box.

According to USA Today, the president of McDonald's USA, Joe Erlinger said he hopes the free meals will put a smile on the faces of those on the front line. The report also stated that McDonald's expects to give away Millions of these thank you meals across the country.

One of my five sisters, Margaret, is a nurse. She took advantage of the free meal earlier this week. She posted pictures on Facebook and she said it made her day.

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I'm not sure if all the McDonald's in the Binghamton area are taking part in this promotion, but I know most of them are. Including the one in Endicott by the arch, which is where I took the picture above.

[via USA Today]

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