There is a huge challenge going on between Tim McGraw and legendary Green Bay Packers player, Brett Favre. I don't know who I'd rather see win, but either way, it's going to be great!

Favre is on the board of directors of new social media sports site, Sqor, and he sure is making waves with it! He told his good ol' pal Tim, "You get 10,000 followers or users before April 1, then I will sing a line from any one of your songs. If you do not, you wear one of my jerseys for 24 hours straight. Faith will be kicking you out. That is, if I win. Good luck."

Tim accepted the challenge in a video to Favre saying, "Make sure your shirt's washed before I wear it, but you don't have to cause I'm gonna win and you're gonna sing 'Felt Good On My Lips' and that's gonna be funny!"

Tim sure seems pretty confident! Favre on the other hand? Who knows! He posted on Sqor a few days ago saying, "Come on fans, I need your help here! Don't you want to see Tim McGraw wearing my Packers jersey for 24 hours??"

I guess we'll just have to wait until April 1st to see who wins!