Date nights were once a time to go out on the town, grab a nice meal and maybe see a movie together, before spending the night cuddled up together if all went well. While all of that is still perfectly possible if you and your significant other are living under the same roof, it’s now much more of a problem if the two of you live separately. As a man who has been dating a woman long-distance for two years, I might have a few solutions that could help.

Video or voice chat will easily help when you’re missing their voice or need to talk to your significant other, and can sometimes be just as good as an in person discussion. Sure, you won’t have the pleasure of contact of proximity, but sometimes words and understanding can bring more joy. As well, you can easily enjoy a meal together or watch a movie via screen share!

Find an online game that both of you like if you don’t want to just sit idle. There are countless games out there of different kinds, including digital versions of board games. You and your partner just need to decide what you like playing together, and get to searching.

Set aside time to chat or text, just like you would any time. Having some conformity and a time you both know you’ll be available will give you something to look forward to during the week, and give you plenty of prep time to make sure you have everything set up for an online date. As well, frequent texts and calls still give you the satisfaction of knowing they’re there for you, even if it’s just one conversation a day.

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