Most people don't do well with change. It's inevitable, but it doesn't make it any easier.  Thank God for memories and the 1990's provided many great memories.

Living in Binghamton all my life, it's amazing how many memories can be brought back just by mentioning a name. It could be a person you knew, a store you shopped at, or an event that you remember fondly. The Binghamton landscape may not have changed that much but still, here are a few things you may remember if you lived in Binghamton in the 1990's.

  • Stores:  Philadelphia Sales, Sugarmans, Fays, Carles Drugs, Ames, Bradley's, Montgomery Ward, Mr. Bulkey's Candy, Grand Union, Great American, Big M, Fowler's (in Oakdale Mall), McCrory's, Zares, Endicott-Johnson Shoes, Rasco Shoes, Wall-To-Wall Sound and Video, Listening Booth, Video King, Video 1, KMart in Vestal Plaza and Endicott
  • Banks and Institutions:  Binghamton Savings Bank, Key Bank, First City National Bank, EF Hutton
  • The 90's HAWK Lineup:  98.1 The Hawk was known as just WHWK and had a cool Batman looking logo. Do you remember the 90's lineup?  Mornings with Jerry & Dave --The Breakfast Flakes, John Davison on midday (some things never change), Steve Cook, Mike McCoy, and Diane Thomas in the afternoon, and Glenn Pitcher on evenings
  • Restaurants, Bars and Ice Cream Memories that were thriving in the 90's:  Pat Mitchell's Ice Cream, Howard Johnson's, Pancho's Pit on Riverside Drive in JC, Hardees, The Argo, Perkins Pancake House, Edigan's Bar on Thursday Biker's Night, Party on the Patio at Holiday Inn Arena, The Eclipse
  • Movie Theaters:  Binghamton Plaza Cinema, The Art Theater on the Southside, Oakdale Mall Cinemas
  • Downtown Binghamton: Metro Center had stores and The Binghamton Rangers were here, but "the roundabout" was not!

So what are your favorite 90's memories of living in Binghamton? I'm sure I'm missing a ton. Please share below.

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