I ran across a funny Buzzfeed article that listed off 25 of the absolute biggest cliches in American movies and TV shows that leave people around the world scratching their heads. Some of them make total sense, like the fact that our shows and movies really do make us out to be a Halloween obsessed country. And then there are other questions that make us feel bad for those who've never experienced them. Take this question posed by Sheik from Merri Creek, "Do Americans really eat chips on sandwiches like on tv?" Yes, Sheik. We do and they're delicious.

While American movies and TV shows do tend to portray some really weird things, we know better to believe everything that we see. Actually, if we believed every little thing that we saw in a movie, we'd be in for an interesting life, wouldn't we? These are 25 things I've learned from the movies and TV shows that definitely don't hold up in real life.  At least not usually.

1. When running from the bad guy you will definitely trip over absolutely nothing.

2. The cop who’s been suspended will end up being the one who saves the day.

3. If you’re going for a swim, your hair will look perfect even when it's dripping wet.

4. Moms always have time to cook breakfast, but their kids never have time to eat it.

5. You’ll always find a parking spot right in front of the building you’re visiting. Always.

6. If you're part of a police investigation, it’ll be necessary to visit a strip club at least once.

7. When paying for a taxi, there's no need to count out your money. Just open your wallet and hand over whatever cash is in it.

8. Walking through a cemetery? Expect to hear creepy music.

9. The ventilation system is a perfectly acceptable place to hide.

10. In love? Then it’s perfectly acceptable to break out into song.

11. If you show someone a picture of the woman you love who’s back home, you’re probably going to end up dying.

12. If a woman is being chased, she will probably fall down on something invisible.

13. All grocery bags contain fruit at least one loaf of French bread.

14. If you’re staying in a haunted house, you should investigate any strange noise you hear in your sexiest bra and panties.

15. If you’re a man and shirtless, you’re probably not going to get shot. And nobody is gonna ask you to put your back on.

16. Any lock can be picked with a credit card unless it’s the lock on a door to a room where someone needs to be saved.

17. While driving, you should look at the person sitting next to you, not at the road.

18. If you’re being chased on a crowded street, there’s almost always a big parade going on and you'll be able to duck into it and get lost.

19. No matter how fast or how far you run, the killer is always going to be right behind you.

20. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never flown a plane in your life. In a dire situation, you’ll instantly become a master pilot.

21. There’s always time to make love- even if bullets are flying all around you.

22. Giving birth to twins? One of them is going to be evil.

23. It always snows on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

24. If you ever need to steal a uniform, you don’t need to worry about trying it on because whichever one you grab will fit. Perfectly.

25. Overweight kids don’t have names- only nicknames.

[via Buzzfeed]

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