I am addicted to Netflix. One of my favorite shows happens to be futuristic, technology show called Black Mirror. Black Mirror is based around how we are addicted to social media, our devices, and apps.

The scary part is the show isn’t really based on futuristic tendencies, it just exploits how addicted we are to technology.

One of the more frightening episodes is where everyone in the world has their self-worth, wealth, and happiness based on a ranking system. The characters rank every single interaction they have with each other. The main character starts with a decent rating and strives to get that perfect ranking. She eventually climbs the social ranks all to have it ripped from her by one small move. Her ratings drops to an all time low and her life falls apart.

Sounds ridiculous right?

It’s actually happening right now.

I would be lying if I haven’t tried dating apps. It’s a great way to meet new friends in a new city, which is my situation right now. But a new dating app has taken it too far.

User of the Do I Date app can now rate and comment on a specific date or interaction they have had with a person. If your date was great and fun you can give high marks and amazing comments. If the date was awful, you can tank someone’s rating.

The creators say the app is made for finding the truth about online dating. I think this is a terrible idea. No one is on their game, or at their best, all of the time. One bad experience can ruin someone’s ranking and profile and result in a domino effect. Unfortunately, there are cynical people out there that would sabotage a profile just for fun, which could result in a negative profile and ranking.

The simple way to avoid all this. Just go talk to people. I guarantee it won’t ruin your social status.

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