Recently I reported a story of a man that had been hiking in the woods and eventually found himself in a swamp. In an attempt to get dry the man climbed a tree where he found himself stuck for several hours. Ultimately local fire and rescue units got the man out of the tree and to safety. Turns out he was only a short distance behind a Pizza Hut the whole time. Well, this story might top that one.

According to, a man was rescued from a New York theater, where he had been for 2 days, inside a wall but that's not the whole story.

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Employees of the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse noticed a man enter their building Tuesday afternoon but lost track of him and didn't think too much about it. Maybe it was one of those moments where everyone thinks "he is in here, he must belong for some reason".

Fast-forward to early this morning when theatre employees hear cries for "help" and they don't hesitate to call 911. Once Syracuse firefighters arrive they located the the noises coming from the bathroom and carefully started tearing apart the walls.

Inside the walls of the bathroom was a man, a naked man. How did this man end up inside the wall? How long had he been trapped? Why is he naked? All logical questions to an illogical scene.

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