WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES! How many times have we said that in the past? This time it really is true because everything seems different. Last year at this time, if you said that you were in the Orange Zone, you would be talking about going to a Haunted House or Reaper's Revenge for Halloween.

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It's 2020 and being in the Orange Zone in New York has a WHOLE DIFFERENT MEANING. Orange is the COVID-19 Warning Zone, where Houses of Worship is supposed to be at 33% capacity with 25 people maximum. Mass Gatherings of 10 people maximum, indoor, and outdoor.

High-risk non-essential businesses like gyms and personal care would be closed. Dining would be outdoor only with four people maximum per table (that would be fun with rain, wind, and temps in the mid-50's). Schools would be closed with remote learning only.

The remarkable thing is the Orange Zone isn't even the worse zone, that would be the Red (Cluster Itself) Zone. Currently, Broome County is in the Yellow (Precautionary) Zone but the best zone is the no zone.

Do you know what else has changed in 2020? The meaning of "being in the zone." Before 2020, it meant you could make every shot in basketball or always get a hit in baseball. You were the Man/Woman if you were in the zone, now if you are told that you are in the "zone", you might cry.

It's all part of Governor Cuomo's New York State's Cluster Action Initiative. If I had to pick a zone to describe 2020, it would be the Twilight Zone. What about you?

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