My son is five and I thought I had a little more time before the awkward questions began. I was wrong. So very wrong.

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My son recently spent some time with his older female cousin (she's six) and a few days later while we were in the car running to the post office, the child who'd been silent for most of the ride suddenly blurted out, "Me-Moe (that's what he calls me and no, I don't know why), is it true that you don't have a penis and is it true that you have China?"


I didn't lie but I also didn't spill the full truth. Instead, I said, "I sure do. It's in the corner cabinet in the dining room." AHHHH! My kid looked at me in the rear-view mirror with a puzzled expression and I used the opportunity while he was taking a breath (in preparation of rapid-firing questions, I'm sure) to start sing-yelling his favorite song, 'Happier' by Marshmallow and Bastille.

That was a close one and I literally dodged it without an inch to spare. Apparently my husband and I need to sit down and talk about how we're going to tactfully address these questions because it's clear that they're going to be coming at us hot and heavy very soon.

My husband and I are very open with our boy, but GAH! I don't know a single parent who actually looks forward to having these in-depth chats with their kids.

The History Channel decided to dig into little brains to see what questions kids would most like to have answered and buckle in mom and dad because your kids really, really want to know the truth about where babies come from. That question topped the list for the ONE THOUSAND kids who took the survey.

While where babies come from topped the survey list, you can let out your breath because while the rest of the top five questions kids would like to have answered might not be easy to answer, they're not necessarily the kind of questions that will make your palms start to sweat.

What's the deal with Santa Claus?
Do things like ghosts, mermaids, and unicorns exist?
Is the Tooth Fairy real? And what does she do with all those teeth?
Why do adults have to work?

Good luck fellow parents.

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