Whenever someone asks me who I think is the greatest player in Super Bowl history, I always answer, 'Joe Montana.'  Now I have to make a confession- I never once saw Joe play in a Super Bowl game. But when I was in 4th grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Fortna who was obsessed with Joe Montana. She had a huge cardboard cutout of him and kept it in her classroom coat closet. Sometimes she'd open the door, look at Joe, sigh, and then close the door.  She spoke so highly of Joe that I fell in love with him too even though I never watched a single game he played.

Football didn't become part of my life until around 2001 when I started dating a guy who was really into the sport, and then I grew to love it as well.  However, in the past Super Bowls, we've seen an insane amount of talent.  According to USA Today, these men are among the top five greatest players in Super Bowl history (hint- Joe Montana is one of them, so Mrs. Fortna was on to something!)

  • 1

    Quarterback Joe Montana

    Joe Montana went 4-0 in Super Bowls and picked up three MVP awards.

  • 2

    Quarterback Tom Brady

    With a record six (soon to be seven) Super Bowl starts in his career, Tom Brady is the all-time leader in passes, completions, yards, and touchdowns.

  • 3

    Wide Receiver Jerry Rice

    Jerry Rice holds Super Bowl career records for receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. As a matter of fact, there's nobody else who has more than three touchdown catches (which Rice managed in one Super Bowl alone).

  • 4

    Quarterback Terry Bradshaw

    We know and love Terry Bradshaw as a football commentator and sometimes he's overshadowed by the defense he had on his teams, but Bradshaw still won two Super Bowl MVP awards and was the first quarterback with four rings.

  • 5

    Linebacker and Defensive End Charles Haley

    Haley holds a record FIVE Super Bowl rings. Two of those rings are from his time with the 49ers, and three of them are from his time with the Dallas Cowboys. Haley also holds the most Super Bowl sacks with 5.5.

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