It happens around this time every year…we look back at the mess of the year we're in and convince ourselves that the next year will be better. The joke was on us this year, wasn't it? I don't think that ANY of us in 2019 when we looked forward to 2020 could have fathomed what kind of year this one would turn out to be.

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I would like to think that 2020 taught us to appreciate the little things in life, like being able to go in person to watch our favorite team play or hanging out with friends at our favorite local café, but at the same time, I think a lot of us are hoping for a change in our health for 2021.

Not only are we hoping to stay healthy and virus free in the new year, but  many of us spent a lot more time in 2020 comforting our soul with junk food and binging on Netflix. If you’re thinking of changing your eating habits in 2021 by way of dieting, it would probably be a good idea to run as fast and far as you can from these seven insane diets.

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