I never wanted to admit that I actually take selfies. I didn’t really think that I did. Then I realized it’s all I do! Snapchat, snapchat, snapchat. I’m addicted!


I am self-admittedly on my phone way too much. My usual go to excuse is that I’m using it to prepare for my show, which is true half the time. The other half I am on some kind of social media, mostly the snapchat.


A new study claims that 58% of men take between 2-5 selfies before settling on one and 48% of women do the same! It goes on to say that 13% of men take between 6-10 selfies before settling compared to 28% of women.


The art of taking the selfie has been advanced by my new iPhone X and its portrait mode. I must admit the new helps hide the fact that I grow the worst beard ever.


I can finally come to terms that I do take selfies, but between 2-5 is crazy! I can take satisfaction in the fact that I’m in the 42% that only takes one selfie.

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