I am a horror movie buff. I love a good scare. I love the suspense,I love the storylines, I even like the terrible monsters creators dream up.

I love bad horror films and I like good horror films. I would say I watch about 6-7 scary movies a month. Netflix and Hulu are my vehicles.

That being said, I watched the most terrifying movie of my entire life last night. I do not get scared easily while watching these movies, but this film made me pause my Netflix to take a few deep breathes. It was absolutely terrifying. The movie was called Veronica. Note: I am not completely sure how to get the accent mark above the "o" so just pretend it is there.

Veronica is about a teenage girl who recently lost her father. She misses him very much so she tries to contact him through a Ouija board. Things then get extremely crazy and actually horrifying.

Disclaimer: this is not a children's movie nor do I recommend it for anyone under the age of 18.

This movie had a perfect score on the movie ranking site Rotten Tomatoes which is very rare, so I needed to check it out.

The movie becomes more terrifying when you realize it is based of true events. An eery feeling comes over you as you watch because you keep telling yourself this is actually real. The movie is entirely in Spanish and takes place in Spain, so you will need to read subtitles.

Veronica is the scariest movie I have ever seen, but I do encourage people to watch it. If you love scary movies, this is the one for you!

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