Did you hear about Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro who announced yesterday that he was changing the date of Christmas to this week? Say what?

No, this isn’t a joke. President Maduro announced last week that November 1st would usher in the the arrival of "early Christmas" in Venezuela, "because we want happiness for all people."

President Maduro said all workers will receive their bonuses and pensions next week and went on to say: "Merry Christmas 2013, Christmas early, early victory, early happiness for the whole family. We wanted to declare the arrival of Christmas because we want happiness for everyone. Early Christmas is the best vaccine for whoever wants to invent, whoever wants to invent rioting and violence.''

Critics say that because of early Christmas, bonuses will be paid out by Dec. 1st, just a week before the country is slated to hold municipal elections, on Dec. 8th which is making them raise eyebrows and question whether President Maduro is doing this for political gain. You think?