We all know that there is an art form to pouring Guinness, there’s even a certification you can get to claim you are a professional "pourer." There are techniques to get a beer out of a tap and a bottle, some highly debated.

Beer is known for its bubbles and sometimes these bubbles can upset your stomach! The people over at Anheuser-Busch have now given us the perfect way to pour a brew AND avoid the belly ache.

Most of us will slowly pour a beer to make the “head” of the beer isn’t massive and take away from our experience, but we are doing it wrong. It is suggested that we tilt the glass and start pouring the beer vigorously. The vigorous pour will cause foam, and according to the experts, will make the beer taste better!

The foam will eventually settle down and won’t cause your stomach to be upset! This is because the carbon dioxide that is trapped in the beer has time to escape from the brew and not enter your stomach!

I’m not totally sure how scientific or accurate this technique is, but what I do know is craft beer. If you love sampling new craft beers than make sure you grab your tickets to Binghamton on Tap happening February 24th! Grab your tickets below!

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