Do you have a 'Tupperware cabinet?' Who doesn't, right? Even if it's not actual Tupperware that lives inside of it, that's what it's called. I remember my grandma having one when I was a little girl and it was so perfectly organized. Mine? Not so much.

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I always have good intentions when I organize my Tupperware cabinet that it's going to stay perfectly organized. The containers are going to be stacked inside of each other according to size and the lids will be locked together next to them. This lasts a month or so until it doesn't. And then my husband will have a breakdown when an avalanche happens and will organize the cabinet so that the vicious cycle can begin all over again.

I have a couple of old school pieces of Tupperware, you know the kind I'm talking about. The pea green, pumpkin orange, and mustard yellow. The ones that have been around since our birth and will probably still be exchanging hands long after you and I are gone.

I also have quite the collection of the brand with clear containers and red, stackable lids. The brand name escapes me, but I have an unhealthy attachment to those containers, holding onto them for far longer than I should. Peeling sides, a stained interior that no amount of scrubbing cleans. And yet I can't bring myself to get rid of them because, "You never know when you might want to give someone who is notorious for not returning storage containers something and you can put it in one of the crummy containers and won't feel sad if you don't get it back." At least that's how I justified it to my husband when he suggested a container purge recently.

BUT- if this TikTok hack shared by Adi Kempler actually works, hoarding stained containers might be a thing of the past. As in, we may no longer have greasy, red sauce stained containers at all. Watch this video and be as amazed as I am. Seriously. I've never wanted to get home so quickly to wash a storage container!


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