What is going on in this world? Everything around us seems out of whack and now this? Tupperware way be going the way of the dinosaur and disappearing forever. Ok, that's a little dramatic but it got your attention.

Tupperware Stock Has Fallen

After 70 years of helping all of us save our leftovers for another day (maybe a week if you wanted to stretch), Tupperware might be going out of business. Their stock slid to its lowest level ever when it fell nearly 50% on Monday, April 10th. In fact, Tupperware stock has slid has fallen 98.1% in the last 12 months.

This happened after the company had its doubts that it will survive. Tupperware is a part of everyone life's. It not only helps to keep your food fresh, but it's like a game that you get to play when you open up your cupboard and try to find a Tupperware container and a matching lid.

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You were sure that when you put them all away, there was the same number of containers and matching lids. You open up the cupboard and the lids seemed to play a game of hide and seek because nothing is where it was when you put them in there. It's kind of like the missing sock in your washer.

Tupperware Could Be Going Out Of Business

The company that was founded in 1946 may be going out of business if they are unable to get additional funding and that means no more sales of Tupperware in New York State.

So what can we do to help prevent this travesty? It's time to come together and have a Tupperware party. Do you remember that? You would be invited to your parent's friends house (or maybe your own) and they would have all different kinds of containers to pick and choose from. Now that COVID is no longer a national emergency, it's time to come together for this great cause.

Stained Tupperware Hack

By the way, you know that a product is good when you call it by it's name and everyone knows what your talking about. Because all Tupperware are containers but not all containers is Tupperware. It's kind of like every jacuzzi is a spa but not all spas are jacuzzies or all Kleenexes are tissues but not every tissue is a Kleenex.

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