Chicken soup, Vitamin C, and a whole bunch of good sleep are my go-to remedies when it comes to getting sick. This morning I woke up with the dreaded tickle in the back of my throat and panicked slightly.


The next two weeks are chaotic at work and at home. The Super Bowl is coming, a few friends have birthday celebrations coming, and 98.1 The Hawk has some big things on the way. I need to prevent the sickness before it lands on me.

I read recently that your feet are the key to staying healthy. It must be a tried and true remedy because I have seen that putting onions in your socks while you sleep can actually help you stay healthy. The reasoning is the onions absorb all the toxins in your system, and prevent the sickness from settling.

I’m not really into smelling like a hoagie while sleeping so I sought advice.

One listener told me to use potatoes instead of onions. They have the same absorbing quality without the smell. Of course, we can make French fries afterwards too.

One listener suggested putting Vick’s Vapor rub on my feet, then my socks, then try and sleep. This will be the method I’ll be trying! I would rather smell like a Junior Mint then the back of a dumpster. Stay tuned!


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