Memorabilia featuring some of the greatest moments in local sports history, is about to be open to the public, at the Greater Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame in the Oakdale Mall.

On Thursday, I had an opportunity to tour the soon to be open Greater Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame in the Oakdale Mall.

Anthony Quagliata, who manages the hall, gave me a personal tour through the countless displays of incredibly preserved memorabilia, from decades of local sports moments, along with the amazing  people who created them.

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One of the first displays that caught my eye was the T.C. Jets, pictures, videos, uniforms and other memorabilia, from the time we had a profession football team in our community.

The Broome Dusters Hockey Team, how exciting it was to see pictures of the Broome County Arena, jammed packed with fans, there is even the original mascot head on display.

The Triplets baseball team (before I was born) featured many pictures of some of the legendary players, and people that were here, pictures of Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth, who visited our city, in support of the ball club.

The Binghamton Mets Eastern League Championships, and our Maine Endwell Little League World Championship in 2016.

Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jack Sharkey, our Kentucky Derby Winner Exterminator, and much more.

I learned so much about our sporting history in less than an hour, and I want to go back and relive some of those wonderful moments again.

The GBSHOF will be open during limited hours scheduled for Thursdays through Sundays, based on staff availability.

Thanks to Anthony Quagliata for a wonderful trip through our community’s history of sports, and WNBF's Roger Neel for his continued support of sports in our Community.

Check out a few pictures of the displays, and plan a trip to see the Greater Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame in the Oakdale Mall soon.


Greater Binghamton Sports Hall Of Fame

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