If you are a New York Yankee fan, you won't want to miss this event. Get ready for a great celebration as the Johnson City Senior Center celebrates its 40th anniversary this Thursday.

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The Johnson City Senior Center is located at 30 Brocton Street in JC. It's the former site of Johnson Field, the home of the Binghamton Triplets, which was the New York Yankees farm team until 1968.

Starting at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 19th, the celebrations will kick off with several different activities. The highlight of the event will be the unveiling of two historic markers that pay tribute to the importance of Johnson Field in baseball history.

Historic Markers Placed At Site of Johnson Field

The first marker, a blue and gold NY State historic marker, will mark the site of Johnson Field. The second marker, in the shape of a home plate, will be installed in the Senior Center's parking lot. It'll show the exact spot where the home plate was on Johnson Field. What a way to honor the legends who once walked these grounds.

But wait, there's more. To make this event even more special, a lineup of speakers has been invited. Johnson City Mayor Meaney and Johnson City Senior Center Executive Director, Kim Robinson will share their thoughts on the center's journey and the significance of Johnson Field in the community.

Representatives of the Broome County Historical Society and historian Gerald Smith will talk about the historical significance of the site. We'll also hear from Gary Kashak and Tom Tunison, authors of the book "Go The Distance" which looks at the history of Johnson Field and its positive impact on the community. They will share stories about the ballpark and its connection to the New York Yankees.

Thurman Munson's Widow To Attend Johnson City Senior Center Celebration.

Diana Munson, wife of New York Yankee catcher and captain Thurman Munson will also be at the event along with their son Mike Munson. Thurman Munson played a big role in the final year of Johnson Field's operation leaving a huge mark on the field and its fans.

The festivities on Thursday will also include classic ballpark food favorites like Ball Park Franks and burgers. The celebration will also feature a display of baseball memorabilia.

Binghamton Triplets Memorabilia

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