Over the holidays I went to a few Christmas parties. Some fancy and some were casual. My high school friends and I always talk about food. We love trying new restaurants and driving to new places. My on buddy and I exchange recipes and videos on the regular.

During one of these parties a great debate was started: are condiments on steaks allowed? My one friend loves, and I mean loves, ketchup on a steak! Ketchup?! A condiment reserved for burgers and sometimes hot dogs is not meant to be on the king of foods, the steak.

If cooked properly and season well a steak does not need any extra flavor. A little melted butter over the top and salt and pepper are all that’s needed for a perfect cut of meat. Cook the steak to the right temperature (medium) and salt and pepper may be omitted.

I do enjoy a nice blue cheese crust on some steaks or maybe a sauce made of red wine and the juices from the steak. But those are fine ingredients and go well with the steak.

If you need to smother your steak with A1 or ketchup then you need to find another place to order a steak from. I enjoy A1 steak sauce on onions or maybe a nice burger. But it should never be used on a steak, even though it is a steak sauce.


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