As I sat and watched in horror while my ketchup-loving six-year-old squeezed out nearly half a bottle on the chicken piccata pasta dish I'd lovingly crafted for dinner, I felt my stomach churn.

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As a big fan of dips and sauces, I understand the need for flavor but it cut right through me watching my son douse my creation in vinegary ketchup without even giving it a taste first.

In my opinion, there are foods that could use a little help with sauce or dip and others that need to be left alone- like chicken piccata. My poor, poor creation. After drenching his main dish in ketchup, my son took the bottle to his small plate of salad. When I mentioned this to my husband, he shrugged and reminded me that Thousand Island dressing is made with ketchup so the fact our son put it on his salad isn't all that strange.

You know what is strange though? Ketchup on scrambled eggs. I know. A lot of people put ketchup on their scrambled eggs, but really, that's one thing I just can't get behind. Salsa? Sure. Hot sauce? That's fine. Ketchup is a big no for me. About half of the population of the United States agrees. 56 percent of people say they add ketchup to their scrambled eggs which leaves 44 percent of people on my side. I'll take it.

Buzzfeed asked people to share what other foods they slather with ketchup that the rest of the world would find bizarre and the answers left me with more questions than answers. Did you know that there are actually people who put ketchup on their popcorn? But, that's not even the strangest...

There are actual people who are brave enough to admit that they enjoy ketchup on their cake. Cake. I couldn't even make that up if I tried.  What do you put ketchup on that other people wrinkle their noses at?

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