Whenever I think about the time that my husband, before we were married, agreed to sit down with me and watch Gone With the Wind, I burst out laughing.

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I was in high school when I read the book Gone With the Wind ad then saw the movie for the very first time (highly recommend reading the book- it runs circles around the film) and it has been my favorite movie ever since.

I couldn’t believe that my husband had gone nearly 30 years without seeing what I consider to be a classic and I guess my droning on and on about how he just had to see it finally broke him because he willingly agreed to watch it – not realizing the movie is nearly four hours long.

Let me just say- had we already exchanged vows, I’m not sure my husband would have sat through the movie because from the glances I took of him all through, it was a painful experience even though he didn’t confirm what I knew.

If someone were to ask me what I consider to be the greatest classic movie of all time, my answer would be, obviously, Gone With the Wind. When I asked my husband what he thinks is the greatest classic movie ever he didn't hesitate before saying The Godfather.

Coventry Direct recently did a deep analysis of Google Trends in order to determine which are the 50 most loved classic movies of all time. The company went even deeper and discovered which classic movie is most loved in each state.

According to analytics, the average New Yorker agrees with my husband that the best classic movie ever is...The Godfather. No surprise, New Jersey also picked The Godfather as their favorite classic film.

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