My family goes on a big grocery shopping trip together once a month. We plan out what meals we’re going to have each day for a couple weeks and then buy what we need,  using coupons and hunting for the best price. By doing our shopping this way, we have an amazingly low food bill, food doesn’t go to waste, and we have money leftover if we want to splurge on something that wasn’t on our list.

For me, the splurging came in the form of cereal. Breakfast isn’t something I’ve really ever been into, but I've definitely enjoyed snacking on dry cereal for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of General Mills’ monster themed cereals. You know the ones I’m talking about- Count Chocula, Boo-Berry...

When we were out grocery shopping, I bought a couple boxes of Franken-Berry and Boo-Berry part as a treat for me and part so that I could share with my son while boring him with stories about how when his mama was little she ate the same cereal.

I ran across a cereal survey that definitely surprised me.  Not many of the overly sugary and definitely bad for kids cereals made it into the top 10, which I found odd. What kid didn't love eating a whole box of cereal during Saturday morning cartoons and then bouncing off the walls the rest of the day?

So, what topped the list? Quisp. Quisp was voted best cereal of all time. Haven’t heard of it? Neither had I and it’s because I was born after it was discontinued. Quisp was introduced in the 1960s and discontinued in the 1970s. It must have been pretty amazing to still have such a loyal following, although I have to say that it looks a lot like a flat version of Corn Pops.

What else made it on to the best breakfast cereal of all time list? Puffa Puffa Rice, which was discontinued in 1975, Rice Krinkles, also discontinued, and Concentrate, which looked like little fish food pellets. Concentrate has also been discontinued. Check out the rest of the cereals voted best of all time and see what you think!

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