I think there is a time in everyone’s lives when we actually think we are the next star, probably around age three when we belt out Twinkle Twinkle or The Wheels on the Bus. The innocents of youth.

I have been an entertainer in this area for many years, I started out playing trumpet at Calvin Coolidge Elementary school on Robinson street in Binghamton, but traded in my trumpet for an electric guitar.

I always wanted to play the guitar and made an attempt at age 11, but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I actually started to learn my first chords.

My parents got me an electric guitar that year for Christmas and I saved up some money to buy a small amplifier and that was my start.

I joined a band a few years later and like most teens with guitars we kind of sucked but had a blast striking loud power chords, taking off our shirts and jumping around like Mick Jagger.

After I got out of the NAVY I tried to join a band again, but I was recently married and had a full-time job which is not advantageous with the struggling musician type, who didn’t have jobs, and practiced all day while I was at work.

Eventually I joined a band with a group of guys who had already been playing out and were really good.

We played out every weekend and had a following of fans who would travel around the area to see us play.

I played in several bands throughout the years and did some solo work and had a few duet acts with female vocalists, and I have made many friends and created long lasting relationships with other local musicians.

I have recently semi-retired from playing out, but continue to play guitar and piano at home.

Doug Mosher
Doug Mosher

Learning to play the guitar and joining bands led to my career in broadcasting and for that I will always be grateful.

I guess the point I am making is we can’t all be big famous mega hit producing musical superstars, somebody has to entertain at the local level, and I have enjoyed many years being one of those musicians.

Doug young guitar 1

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